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Be Still and Know That I Am Your God

Posted by lee on December 18, 2009 at 10:15 AM

Did you  experienced  how the devil  perish you?  Like   the many stories of  the   disciples of Jesus  eitheir  in the  past centuries and  in the new era ,.Our Church   proving that  Jesus through  His apostles   is not easy to understand without  giving time  to learn  and to hear his voice  and  our Father's will, even in the midst of this noisy world.  Admit that  God  has  a plan in your life  because  everyone called by  his/her own  name .Catholic  Church is not liable  to deceived    and the church is in the hand of the Holy Spirit   .The words of God is our weapon and the prayer  is the way to talk with Him..To testify the work of God ,His miracles through his Son Jesus Christ  .We must deny  ourselves ,our own desire   Jesus said take up your cross and follow me. It is a very deep and  difficult  calling. Many did not noticed  that they already doing what God wanted them to do ,People give us example to stand and face the reality of life  .My  life is really wth Him and  what I experiencing is a day of peace of mind  but a strong torment  of the enemies in different faces.I am a  sinners  everyday  and God know us before we talk,we think, before He  created  us in our mothers womb.Even the  counts of our hair ,He is the only one who can say  how many you have  in   skin.


  What kind of difficulties did you experiencing  in the rest of your lives?usually  the visible circumtances   is the one we see is to believe as the old  folks  saying.

 I heard  and read many    stories of  sufferings  and even medicines cannot healed the sickness either it is physical or mental  sickness.Very seldom  that the  person  believe for  their stories.Testifying about what we cannot see ,it is the invisible, they saw  a devil  , when they go to a  communion they saw the  the body of Christ   has  pleghm and womb, or insects  going in and out on  their body.Others   looks crazy ! Well   very hard to believe right?  we just only see these  in some horror movies!  How we can believe this horrible stories?Only imaginations ? It is  depends  in  our  Faith .All I can say is........... if we believe in God we must believe that the devil is around .The darkness is also proud to show who is he!  As some exorcism  healing done of many Priests  in the past centuries.If you can read  the storie.   .The  darkness said that he like to show to the world that he is true  in this world.In every aspect of life  darkness is present.Many people doesn't believed .If we dont believe  , no healing  and Healing comes from Only God  "Yahweh"Through Jesus Christ.

 Jesus said " Whoever believes in me believes in my Father . John 3:16 ,He gave his only Begotten Son ,whoever believes in Him  shall not perish but have everlasting love.  Healing is Pray and pray  more to God  is  a  way to talk to Him. Without faith we cannot save... but following Christ cannot be theoretical, it must be shown in action. In meditation and penance ,sacrifice  we can receive  the power  of healing. More pray ,more  seeing how sinful we are.  and in confession  our conscience will be clean. Love ,people  are capable to give love because  we came from God even though no one can feel and see God  clearly defiled.  hearts that full of darkness ,mind that full of envious .Isaiah  said  "Conversion and calmness would have been your salvation ,quietness and trust your strength" .  In Psalm   " Be still and know that I am your God."Your thought is not My thought ".Matthew 7:7, "Ask and you shall received "seek and you will find,knock and the door will be opened. if we dont know how to pray.Our  Mother Church   is the one that can help us ,no doubt about it .They taught us how to pray.Through"  Jesus  prayer " Our Father " we know how to pray  .Most of the times  when a person  experienced the darkness  , we are in mixed emotion ,little faith that we cannot easily understand why it is happening.  The prayer taught by Church is very helpful and slowly we can recover  and  meditate and  can utter  our  hearts  wish ,it is i the   powerof prayer  that the message of God come to everyone.It    will receive in  many ways.This  is the time that God bless us more wisdom  and knowledge   that we can use in our battle .Be still and know that I am your God reminding us how God works in a  way we cannot see ,invisible with us . The Holy Spirit of God.  If anyone wants to be healed dont be afraid or   dont be afraid to deny your doubts  .The one we cannot see is the Life.                                                            

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