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On Christmas Day "Jesus " Birthday.

Posted by lee on October 23, 2009 at 10:30 AM

Thinking about Jesus birthday ,As my  life routine every year , since the day God blessed  me materials; having all these gifts  in my plans   .the endeavor  to familiarize the  Christmas  with my child and a budhist  husband .Having a plans  to   send money  for  my family expenses  ,and  to  share  it with  friends and the needy ones on Christmas  holiday.Not  thinking about what  will I buy for myself ,  I used not  to prioritize my desire .  Used to  practise  it in  my life ,   as I always murrmuring .,to simplify  my  needs  ...unless if I find something  extra  attractive  and useful thing that I can buy in a very  low price.

As changes is always expected in my plans what to do to share my blessings  and who will be added  in  my list  .But I always  thought    is this is the only  focus of mine?What God wants more ? Something taunting  my mind some challenge although.  or a burden  for someone who doesn't  believe  in Christianity. I know materials  cannot satisfy  the rejoice of the one's  will received  ,just like me  ,missing  to touch them  personally ,to eat together  ,wrapping gifts,sing Christmas Carols,hear the jokes ,seeing the children in "Mano Po "attitude as a very  touching inthe Philippine  Culture .No limitation attitude of happiness , a happy holiday.. As I talked  to   a  few friends  and asking them  every year     ,Do you have any plans in december ?any occasion to attend?Are we going to cook  and  make exchange gifts  with a glass of wine? Obviously no  evening mass  for 9 days in the church I attended. My friends  positively responded ,of course ! let us celebrate  Jesus birthday this is the climax of  life!  Full of hope to hear  the  excitement  .Yes!  my spirit really rejoicing to hear that  in this  place of  non- Christian , I  could still have  people  around me to know  the  importance of December  25  every year.Then again a shadow of  question came  back in my mind   .It is  a  month ago,  when I came back home   and sitted in a couch.  I feel sad and  finding out the reason ,why just a while ago I was  excited. I closed  my eyes  and  say a prayer  help me Lord , I don't know  why I  have worries because worry loses  my faith. Then while  looking at  the altar I saw  the images  and  not intentionally voice it out  to Jesus  .I said ,do you know that   some people   said your birthday is not december 25 ,as many people spreading it ?  There's a mixed emotion of mine questioning Him   or  did  those people  influenced  me   not to believe   the authencity  of that holiday  ? .I  really  feel God knows  my heart ,confusion like a child who often ask and ask  the parents .Then something  power pushed me to  think  and say Got it !  this is  what I wanted to know  .The history of Christmas  ,Jesus birthday.!  Day  passing  by, I search the internet but cannot concentrate  to study about it .But reading? some  giving me courage to  discuss the history  with different people's around me .Knowing  their  spirit  if they know the roots of rumours .Then one day I was surprised to hear about the history of it even  in a ramdom topic .As Geshi  (a Jap term.) season  in Rome .It is St  John's  birth day  June 24 ,The one who said in the bible "  I am the voice  crying out  in the wilderness:Make straight the way of the Lord". (John 1:23)  John born i n a brightly season  while the world  is  in the darkness.How about Jesus?   Six  months after the born of John , then Jesus  born in the Bethlehem  it was December 25  a Tojite  season means  long night ,Dark of the world  welcomed  Jesus...  it is   a long night ,season in Rome .The  lights break  in  the earth  where  the light breaks the darkness  in the  world .The sinfulness world received  the Love of the Father in heaven through his son Jesus Christ. Though the pagans people  celebrating it without the truthfulness of this holiday  .The Church  corrected the spirit of celebrating a holiday in December through  proclaiming  that Jesus in Bethlehem is the one  true celebrant ,to celebrate .  Proving  in the life  of  Virgin Mary 's humbleness in   God  plan.  My spirit fully rejoice  .the complete happiness  to know  the history of His Son the one whom I love .     Just a ramdom explanation which  cast off  all  the confusion that  affected   many   peolple  I  had met . In celebrating His birthday  and who do not like   to accept  the true fact so sad  they   know the Father  Almighty  but  couldn't accept  Christianity.. .And I am proud to say I am a Christian  who never intended to make any trick  and be  thankful  not  to believe  in many business gimmickry   a flickering of  branded things in the department store  whom the  devil always saying "come buy me !come buy me!  tempting  rich people  then envy the low class or poor people in the world.  What they offer   is  just for rich and some fake pagan god celebrant of Christmas.Lights of the world  that gives hope for souls.  And wishing to see people  in honest  giving  not just on Christmas holidays  .As Charity   not for materials but for the true meaning of it as God's  wanted  to see in our hearts  ,It is LOve  .

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11:45 PM on October 23, 2009 
pag b-day jesus happy ang mga bata .......nasabi mna lhat wala na ko ma say...........(*_*)
Reply lee
6:16 AM on October 24, 2009 
Miss ko na kayo lalo sa simbang gabi.
9:09 PM on December 3, 2009 
hay yong ang maganda d2 my simbang gabi sama sama ang mag kakaibigan at mga nag mamahalan d2 tayo tinipon ni god sana kahit d pasko ganyan lagi......sama sama pra k ama n nsa you jesus