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All Saints Day ,Nov 1

Posted by lee on October 30, 2009 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Catholic  Answer





CATHOLIC: November is a wonderful month. On the first day of the month the Catholic Church celebrates All Saints Day, which remembers all who have died and are in heaven. It is great comfort to us on earth to have those in heaven who pray for us.

OBJECTOR: I don’t see why that would be a great comfort. In fact, it seems to me to be just a pagan holiday that Christians co-opted. The early Puritans of this country, for example, rejected it.

CATHOLIC: Yes, many of them even rejected Christmas as a Christian holy day. It’s too bad, because such austerity deprives the Christian people of what is rightfully theirs. All Saints Day does have a counterpart in the pagan religions of Europe before Christianity arrived, but it is not a pagan holiday. In fact, the Church instituted the day to substitute for the pagan holiday so that Christians wouldn’t be tempted to return to pagan practices. When you take something away from people, it’s wise to replace it with something positive.

OBJECTOR: Well, the whole concept is inconsistent. It’s called All Saints Day, but the Church considers only some of the people in heaven saints. I mean, all I ever hear about is Saint So-and-So.

CATHOLIC: Anyone who is in heaven is a saint. It’s just that we don’t know the vast majority of those who died in the grace of God. When the Church canonizes a person, it is saying that we know for sure that this particular person is in heaven, but the Church recognizes that there must be countless others in heaven whose names we do not know. That in fact is the purpose of All Saints Day: to recognize all who have died and gone to heaven.

OBJECTOR: But it doesn’t fit with the Bible. The Bible uses the word saints for people living in on earth, not in the next world. Paul speaks of those in Corinth as being "with all the saints who are in the whole of Achaia" (2 Cor. 1:1). If the saints are in Achaia, then they can’t be in heaven. In 2 Corinthians 9:1, Paul speaks about "the offering for the saints," by which he means fellow Christians who are poor.

CATHOLIC: The word saint in the New Testament translates the Greek word hagios, which simply means "holy." When it is used substantively (as a noun), it means "holy one" (ho hagios). Thus, it could refer to God, the angels, or human beings. In the verses you cited, Paul is referring to Christians as "holy ones" because they have been made holy by God. A related word is used in 1 Corinthians 6:11 when Paul says, "But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God." The word sanctified here is hagiazo, meaning "to make something or someone holy." So saints are those who have been made holy by God.

OBJECTOR: That just confirms my point that saint or holy one is used of people today, not those in heaven. Paul is speaking to the Christians in Corinth, not about those who have died.

CATHOLIC: But think about it: If Christians on earth can be called holy because they have been sanctified through the washing of baptism, then are Christians who have died any less holy or saintly than those on earth? Those in heaven are closer to God and more in love with him than those of us on earth. The Bible calls those who have died in Christ "the spirits of just men made perfect" (Heb. 12:23). To be perfectly righteous is to love perfectly. So why would we not call Christians in heaven saints if we can use the word of those on earth?

OBJECTOR: I thought Catholics used the word saint only for those in heaven. Now, you seem to be using it for people on earth and in heaven.

CATHOLIC: If we keep the root meaning of hagios in mind—that is, a holy one—then we can use the word both of those living on earth and those in heaven. But keep in mind that we Catholics distinguish between saints on earth and the saints in heaven. It’s simply a matter of reasoning from the lesser to the greater. As we on earth are saints in the making, so those in heaven are saints who have been perfected in faith, hope, and love (cf. 1 Cor. 13:13).

OBJECTOR: Your distinction may be convenient for you, but I still don’t see the Bible saying that Christians who have died are "saints."

CATHOLIC: Actually, the Bible does use the term for believers who have died. Matthew 27:52 says, "The tombs also were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised." These saints are obviously holy people in the Old Testament, or at least those who died before Christ was crucified, but it still applies the term saints or holy ones to the dead. Even more relevant is 1 Thessalonians 3:13: "So that he may establish your hearts unblamable in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints." Here Paul almost certainly is referring to those in heaven who will return with Christ at his second advent. And Jude quotes an apocryphal book with approval: "Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam prophesied, saying, ‘Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads’" (Jude 14). These "holy myriads" are clearly those who are with Christ in heaven.

OBJECTOR: But those are just a few of the verses where the word saint occurs. The great majority of texts use the term to refer to those on earth who are living.

CATHOLIC: True. But good interpretation of the Bible requires us to relate these two uses of the term hagios to one another. The Catholic dogma of the communion of the saints does this. It says that a saint is anyone who has been made holy by God. Now, it should be obvious that holiness is not achieved all at once; it takes a lifetime. It begins at baptism when the Holy Spirit comes into the soul of the recipient of baptism. This act of infusion is what Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 6:11 quoted above. Being "washed and sanctified" refers to the washing away of sin and the internal renewal of the Holy Spirit, as Paul says in Titus 3:5. This is the beginning of holiness, but the pursuit of holiness lasts a lifetime.

OBJECTOR: If Paul is referring to baptism in 1 Corinthians 6:11 as you say, then perhaps the sanctification referred to is also a one-time act by God to make the person holy. This would fit, since baptism too is a one-time event. Maybe this is referring to an act of God declaring the baptized person holy rather than to an infusion of grace.

CATHOLIC: The question of the relationship between justification and sanctification is too big a topic for us now. My only point here is that Catholic dogma explains the full range of the Bible’s uses of the term hagios by saying that those baptized into Christ have started on the path of holiness that is completed only in heaven. The reason the Bible can use the term holy one or saint of both those on earth and those in heaven is because it is really just a single process.

OBJECTOR: But doesn’t the crux of the issue have to do with communication between heaven and earth? Even though both groups may be called saints, that doesn’t mean that Christians on earth should pray to the "saints" in heaven.

CATHOLIC: But think about the implications of what I have said. If pilgrim Christians on earth and perfected Christians in heaven are all part of one body, the body of Christ, then they are just Christians residing in two different locations. Now, if a Christian in America can ask a Christian in Europe to pray for him because they both are part of the one body of Christ—the Church—then why can’t he ask a Christian in heaven to pray for him as well? I trust you understand that the Catholic practice of asking the saints in heaven to pray is not attempting to go around or ignore Jesus but is asking the saints to go to Jesus and the Father in prayer.

OBJECTOR: Yes, I understand the explanation that Catholics give of this, but I still don’t see anywhere in the Bible where it says that those in heaven do or should pray for those on earth. Dead people can’t pray.

CATHOLIC: That’s my point. The saints in heaven are not dead. They are more alive than we are because they are closer to the source of life: God. Consider this: Jesus tells us in Mark 12:26–27, "He is not God of the dead, but of the living; you are quite wrong." He said this to the Sadducees who denied the possibility that the dead could live (i.e., the resurrection). But notice his statement. It means that all people are alive to God, even if they are dead to us.

OBJECTOR: Yes, that is my point. They are dead to us. We cannot communicate with them nor they with us.

CATHOLIC: But if Christians who have died in Jesus are alive to God and are in his presence, then they must share in the union that Christ has with his body (the Church) on earth. Remember that Paul says that "we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord" (2 Cor. 5:8). Christians in heaven are absent from us but present to the Lord. If they are present to Christ, then they must be united to Christ and to all who are in Christ. Now, if we are united with all other baptized Christians in the church on earth—that is, in the body of Christ—then how could we be separated from the heavenly members of that same body? Now you see the theological basis for asking the saints in heaven to pray for us. If we can ask other Christians on earth to pray for us, then there is simply no reason we can’t ask Christians in heaven to pray for us too. If we deny this possibility, aren’t we depriving the Christian people of powerful intercessors that they are entitled to? And don’t we end up with an emaciated and sub-Christian view of the Church as the body of Christ if we deny that some of its members can’t enter into prayer for the whole body?





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On Christmas Day "Jesus " Birthday.

Posted by lee on October 23, 2009 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (3)

Thinking about Jesus birthday ,As my  life routine every year , since the day God blessed  me materials; having all these gifts  in my plans   .the endeavor  to familiarize the  Christmas  with my child and a budhist  husband .Having a plans  to   send money  for  my family expenses  ,and  to  share  it with  friends and the needy ones on Christmas  holiday.Not  thinking about what  will I buy for myself ,  I used not  to prioritize my desire .  Used to  practise  it in  my life ,   as I always murrmuring .,to simplify  my  needs  ...unless if I find something  extra  attractive  and useful thing that I can buy in a very  low price.

As changes is always expected in my plans what to do to share my blessings  and who will be added  in  my list  .But I always  thought    is this is the only  focus of mine?What God wants more ? Something taunting  my mind some challenge although.  or a burden  for someone who doesn't  believe  in Christianity. I know materials  cannot satisfy  the rejoice of the one's  will received  ,just like me  ,missing  to touch them  personally ,to eat together  ,wrapping gifts,sing Christmas Carols,hear the jokes ,seeing the children in "Mano Po "attitude as a very  touching inthe Philippine  Culture .No limitation attitude of happiness , a happy holiday.. As I talked  to   a  few friends  and asking them  every year     ,Do you have any plans in december ?any occasion to attend?Are we going to cook  and  make exchange gifts  with a glass of wine? Obviously no  evening mass  for 9 days in the church I attended. My friends  positively responded ,of course ! let us celebrate  Jesus birthday this is the climax of  life!  Full of hope to hear  the  excitement  .Yes!  my spirit really rejoicing to hear that  in this  place of  non- Christian , I  could still have  people  around me to know  the  importance of December  25  every year.Then again a shadow of  question came  back in my mind   .It is  a  month ago,  when I came back home   and sitted in a couch.  I feel sad and  finding out the reason ,why just a while ago I was  excited. I closed  my eyes  and  say a prayer  help me Lord , I don't know  why I  have worries because worry loses  my faith. Then while  looking at  the altar I saw  the images  and  not intentionally voice it out  to Jesus  .I said ,do you know that   some people   said your birthday is not december 25 ,as many people spreading it ?  There's a mixed emotion of mine questioning Him   or  did  those people  influenced  me   not to believe   the authencity  of that holiday  ? .I  really  feel God knows  my heart ,confusion like a child who often ask and ask  the parents .Then something  power pushed me to  think  and say Got it !  this is  what I wanted to know  .The history of Christmas  ,Jesus birthday.!  Day  passing  by, I search the internet but cannot concentrate  to study about it .But reading? some  giving me courage to  discuss the history  with different people's around me .Knowing  their  spirit  if they know the roots of rumours .Then one day I was surprised to hear about the history of it even  in a ramdom topic .As Geshi  (a Jap term.) season  in Rome .It is St  John's  birth day  June 24 ,The one who said in the bible "  I am the voice  crying out  in the wilderness:Make straight the way of the Lord". (John 1:23)  John born i n a brightly season  while the world  is  in the darkness.How about Jesus?   Six  months after the born of John , then Jesus  born in the Bethlehem  it was December 25  a Tojite  season means  long night ,Dark of the world  welcomed  Jesus...  it is   a long night ,season in Rome .The  lights break  in  the earth  where  the light breaks the darkness  in the  world .The sinfulness world received  the Love of the Father in heaven through his son Jesus Christ. Though the pagans people  celebrating it without the truthfulness of this holiday  .The Church  corrected the spirit of celebrating a holiday in December through  proclaiming  that Jesus in Bethlehem is the one  true celebrant ,to celebrate .  Proving  in the life  of  Virgin Mary 's humbleness in   God  plan.  My spirit fully rejoice  .the complete happiness  to know  the history of His Son the one whom I love .     Just a ramdom explanation which  cast off  all  the confusion that  affected   many   peolple  I  had met . In celebrating His birthday  and who do not like   to accept  the true fact so sad  they   know the Father  Almighty  but  couldn't accept  Christianity.. .And I am proud to say I am a Christian  who never intended to make any trick  and be  thankful  not  to believe  in many business gimmickry   a flickering of  branded things in the department store  whom the  devil always saying "come buy me !come buy me!  tempting  rich people  then envy the low class or poor people in the world.  What they offer   is  just for rich and some fake pagan god celebrant of Christmas.Lights of the world  that gives hope for souls.  And wishing to see people  in honest  giving  not just on Christmas holidays  .As Charity   not for materials but for the true meaning of it as God's  wanted  to see in our hearts  ,It is LOve  .

Salvation (Are Catholics Born Again?)

Posted by lee on October 16, 2009 at 12:46 AM Comments comments (0)

--Catholic Answer-

Catholics and Protestants agree that to be saved, you have to be born again. Jesus said so: "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3).

When a Catholic says that he has been "born again," he refers to the transformation that God's grace accomplished in him during baptism. Evangelical Protestants typically mean something quite different when they talk about being "born again."

For an Evangelical, becoming "born again" often happens like this: He goes to a crusade or a revival where a minister delivers a sermon telling him of his need to be "born again."

"If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and believe he died for your sins, you'll be born again!" says the preacher. So the gentleman makes "a decision for Christ" and at the altar call goes forward to be led in "the sinner's prayer" by the minister. Then the minister tells all who prayed the sinner's prayer that they have been saved?"born again." But is the minister right? Not according to the Bible.


The Names of the New Birth

Regeneration (being "born again") is the transformation from death to life that occurs in our souls when we first come to God and are justified. He washes us clean of our sins and gives us a new nature, breaking the power of sin over us so that we will no longer be its slaves, but its enemies, who must fight it as part of the Christian life (cf. Rom. 6:1 :22; Eph. 6:11?17). To understand the biblical teaching of being born again, we must understand the terms it uses to refer to this event.

The term "born again" may not appear in the Bible. The Greek phrase often translated "born again" (gennatha anothen) occurs twice in the Bible John 3:3 and 3:7 and there is a question of how it should be translated. The Greek word anothen sometimes can be translated "again," but in the New Testament, it most often means "from above." In the King James Version, the only two times it is translated "again" are in John 3:3 and 3:7; every other time it is given a different rendering.

Another term is "regeneration." When referring to something that occurs in the life of an individual believer, it only appears in Titus 3:5. In other passages, the new birth phenomenon is also described as receiving new life (Rom. 6:4), receiving the circumcision of the heart (Rom. 2:29; Col. 2:11?12), and becoming a "new creation" (2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 6:15).


Regeneration in John 3

These different ways of talking about being "born again" describe effects of baptism, which Christ speaks of in John 3:5 as being "born of water and the Spirit." In Greek, this phrase is, literally, "born of water and Spirit," indicating one birth of water-and-Spirit, rather than "born of water and of the Spirit," as though it meant two different birth's one birth of water and one birth of the Spirit.

In the water-and-Spirit rebirth that takes place at baptism, the repentant sinner is transformed from a state of sin to the state of grace. Peter mentioned this transformation from sin to grace when he exhorted people to "be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:38).

The context of Jesus statements in John 3 makes it clear that he was referring to water baptism. Shortly before Jesus teaches Nicodemus about the necessity and regenerating effect of baptism, he himself was baptized by John the Baptist, and the circumstances are striking: Jesus goes down into the water, and as he is baptized, the heavens open, the Holy Spirit descends upon him in the form of a dove, and the voice of God the Father speaks from heaven, saying, "This is my beloved Son" (cf. Matt. 3:13?17; Mark 1:9?11; Luke 3:21?22; John 1:30?34). This scene gives us a graphic depiction of what happens at baptism: We are baptized with water, symbolizing our dying with Christ (Rom. 6:3) and our rising with Christ to the newness of life (Rom. 6:4?5); we receive the gift of sanctifying grace and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:13; Gal. 3:27); and we are adopted as God's sons (Rom. 8:15?17).

After our Lord's teaching that it is necessary for salvation to be born from above by water and the Spirit (John 3:1 21), "Jesus and his disciples went into the land of Judea; there he remained with them and baptized" (John 3:22).

Then we have the witness of the early Church that John 3:5 refers to baptismal regeneration. This was universally recognized by the early Christians. The Church Fathers were unanimous in teaching this:

In A.D. 151, Justin Martyr wrote, "As many as are persuaded and believe that what we [Christians] teach and say is true . . . are brought by us where there is water and are regenerated in the same manner in which we were ourselves regenerated. For, in the name of God the Father . . . and of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit [Matt. 28:19], they then receive the washing with water. For Christ also said, Unless you are born again, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven  John 3:3]" (First Apology 61).

Around 190, Irenaeus, the bishop of Lyons, wrote, "And [Naaman] dipped himself . . . seven times in the Jordan  [2 Kgs. 5:14]. It was not for nothing that Naaman of old, when suffering from leprosy, was purified upon his being baptized, but [this served] as an indication to us. For as we are lepers in sin, we are made clean, by means of the sacred water and the invocation of the Lord, from our old transgressions, being spiritually regenerated as newborn babes, even as the Lord has declared: Except a man be born again through water and the Spirit, he shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven [John 3:5]" (Fragment 34).

In the year 252, Cyprian, the bishop of Carthage, said that when those becoming Christians "receive also the baptism of the Church . . . then finally can they be fully sanctified and be the sons of God . . . since it is written, Except a man be born again of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God [John 3:5]" (Letters 71[72]:1).

Augustine wrote, "From the time he [Jesus] said, Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven [John 3:5], and again, ?He that loses his life for my sake shall find it  [Matt. 10:39], no one becomes a member of Christ except it be either by baptism in Christ or death for Christ" (On the Soul and Its Origin 1:10 [A.D. 419]).

Augustine also taught, "It is this one Spirit who makes it possible for an infant to be regenerated . . . when that infant is brought to baptism; and it is through this one Spirit that the infant so presented is reborn. For it is not written, Unless a man be born again by the will of his parents or by the faith of those presenting him or ministering to him, but, Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit [John 3:5]. The water, therefore, manifesting exteriorly the sacrament of grace, and the Spirit effecting interiorly the benefit of grace, both regenerate in one Christ that man who was generated in Adam" (Letters 98:2 [A.D. 408]).


Regeneration in the New Testament

The truth that regeneration comes through baptism is confirmed elsewhere in the Bible. Paul reminds us in Titus 3:5 that God "saved us, not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit."

Paul also said, "Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life" (Rom. 6:3?4).

This teaching  that baptism unites us with Christ's death and resurrection so that we might die to sin and receive new life  is a key part of Paul's theology. In Colossians 2:11  13, he tells us, "In [Christ] you were also circumcised, in the putting off of the sinful nature, not with a circumcision done by the hands of men but with the circumcision [of] Christ, having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him through your faith in the power of God, who raised him from the dead. When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your sinful nature, God made you alive with Christ" (NIV).


The Effects of Baptism

Often people miss the fact that baptism gives us new life/new birth because they have an impoverished view of the grace God gives us through baptism, which they think is a mere symbol. But Scripture is clear that baptism is much more than a mere symbol.

In Acts 2:38, Peter tells us, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." When Paul was converted, he was told, "And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on his name" (Acts 22:16).

Peter also said, "God's patience waited in the days of Noah, during the building of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were saved through water. Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body, but as an appeal to God for a clear conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ" (1 Pet. 3:20 21). Peter says that, as in the time of the flood, when eight people were "saved through water," so for Christians, "[b]aptism . . . now saves you." It does not do so by the water?s physical action, but through the power of Jesus Christ's resurrection, through baptism's spiritual effects and the appeal we make to God to have our consciences cleansed.

These verses showing the supernatural grace God bestows through baptism set the context for understanding the New Testaments statements about receiving new life in the sacrament.


Protestants on Regeneration

Martin Luther wrote in his Short Catechism that baptism "works the forgiveness of sins, delivers from death and the devil, and grants eternal life to all who believe." His recognition that the Bible teaches baptismal regeneration has been preserved by Lutherans and a few other Protestant denominations. Even some Baptists recognize that the biblical evidence demands the historic Christian teaching of baptismal regeneration. Notable individuals who recognized that Scripture teaches baptismal regeneration include Baptist theologians George R. Beasley-Murray and Dale Moody.

Nevertheless, many Protestants have abandoned this biblical teaching, substituting man-made theories on regeneration. There are two main views held by those who deny the scriptural teaching that one is born again through baptism: the "Evangelical" view, common among Baptists, and the "Calvinist" view, common among Presbyterians.

Evangelicals claim that one is born again at the first moment of faith in Christ. According to this theory, faith in Christ produces regeneration. The Calvinist position is the reverse: Regeneration precedes and produces faith in Christ. Calvinists (some of whom also call themselves Evangelicals) suppose that God "secretly" regenerates people, without their being aware of it, and this causes them to place their faith in Christ.

To defend these theories, Evangelicals and Calvinists attempt to explain away the many unambiguous verses in the Bible that plainly teach baptismal regeneration. One strategy is to say that the water in John 3:5 refers not to baptism but to the amniotic fluid present at childbirth. The absurd

implication of this view is that Jesus would have been saying, "You must be born of amniotic fluid and the Spirit." A check of the respected Protestant Greek lexicon, Kittel   Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, fails to turn up any instances in ancient, Septuagint or New Testament Greek where "water" (Greek: hudor) referred to "amniotic fluid" (VIII:314?333).

Evangelicals and Calvinists try to deal with the other verses where new life is attributed to baptism either by ignoring them or by arguing that it is not actually water baptism that is being spoken of. The problem for them is that water is explicitly mentioned or implied in each of these verses.

In Acts 2:38, people are exhorted to take an action: "Be baptized . . . in the name of Jesus Christ," which does not refer to an internal baptism that is administered to people by themselves, but the external baptism administered to them by others.

We are told that at Paul's conversion, "he rose and was baptized, and took food and was strengthened. For several days he was with the disciples at Damascus" (Acts 9:18?19). This was a water baptism. In Romans 6 and Colossians 2, Paul reminds his readers of their water baptisms, and he neither says nor implies anything about some sort of "invisible spiritual baptism."

In 1 Peter 3, water is mentioned twice, paralleling baptism with the flood, where eight were "saved through water," and noting that "baptism now saves you" by the power of Christ rather than by the physical action of water "removing . . . dirt from the body."

The anti-baptismal regeneration position is indefensible. It has no biblical basis whatsoever. So the answer to the question, "Are Catholics born again?" is yes! Since all Catholics have been baptized, all Catholics have been born again. Catholics should ask Protestants, "Are you born again the way the Bible understands that concept" If the Evangelical has not been properly water baptized, he has not been born again "the Bible way," regardless of what he may think.

NIHIL OBSTAT: I have concluded that the materials

presented in this work are free of doctrinal or moral errors.

Bernadeane Carr, STL, Censor Librorum, August 10, 2004

IMPRIMATUR: In accord with 1983 CIC 827

permission to publish this work is hereby granted.

+Robert H. Brom, Bishop of San Diego, August 10, 2004

Christmas Is Coming

Posted by lee on August 29, 2009 at 9:32 AM Comments comments (0)

Pag tumuntong na ang september  iisa lang ang sasabihin ng mga Pilipino.."Uy , malamig na malapit na christmas " Obvious sa tropical country ang pagdating ng Pasko  kasi nga the climate change  and the amibience  is different.

Japan Politics

Posted by lee on August 9, 2009 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (0)

Naging hobby ko na ang manood o magkinig   ng news sa television ng Japan .Especially pag may forum sila kahit hindi ko naiintindihan ang topic ,lalo na ang words na binabanggit nila.  eh,sadyang mahirap intindihin..Kuyashi or nakakachallenge  naman talagang malaman ang meaning ng mga salita nila sa Pulitika.

  Tayo namang mga Pilipino eh , kahit saang  usapan  pwedeng pwede  sumali  kumbaga, felxible  daw. .Ako naman I am not good in names  unless kung ito ay sadyang maingay na o Famous or  infamous  like mabahong amoy ng Durian.Sa tagal ng panahon   ng aking curiosity  sa Japan ,kahit paano  natutuklasan ko na ang meaning ng kanilang mabibigat na usapin although  wala naman  hilig ang paligid ko sa ganitong usapin  mas madalas keep inside nalang ang  sanang masarap na pulutang topic sa araw-araw.Buti nalang ang sister  and other kababatang kinasal sa Hapon eh mahilig din kaya laking tulong na may natatanungan kung absent  sa harap ng television.Sa mga haponesa lalo na ang mga wife dito , they  are not really  interested  in politics.Well, I will clap my hands if  I know there is  one who knows what is happening  in the goverment  of japan around me.

   Dahil narin sa pakikisama sa mga activist leader   nuong dalaga pa at  nalaman ko ang mala-komunistang pag-iisip ng mga pulitiko. Sabihin nang  komunista  ang mga ideology nilang lumalaban sa makapangyarihang upuan.Dito sa Japan  ilan na ba ang umalis sa makapangyarihang upuan ?  ng wala sa panahon. sa bansang  may Hari at Reyna wala silang tinatawag na Presidente  . A Prime Minister  term used for the Head of the Diet or  in japanese words "Sori  Daijin".The truth nakakaawa  ang ilang sunod na pag walk out ng Sori Daijin nila dito.Lately si Mr. Taro  Asou  "Prime Minister "  ay hinahanggan ko dahil  nakikita ko ang katatgan niya sa mga  matitigas na pag-iisip ng mga kalaban niya .Though minsan bibigay na ang kanyang mata sa pagluha ng makita ang katatagan ng mga kasama sa kanyang tabi.Sa unang upo niya  at pag kilatis ng kanyang mga plano at mga binibitawang speech .I said  with my husband, Kono hito no  kangaekatta mezurashi to kokoro aru ne.( Ang pagiisip ng taong ito at salita  may puso ne).OO naman ang Husband ko  ,na siyang nagpalakas ng loob ko na  tama ang intindi ko sa kapapanood ko sa news.Minsan carried away ako naggalit din ako sa mga  criticizer niya lalo na yung tipong  maamo magsalita pero  ang sinasabi pang-insulto sa Head.  bakit nga ba feel nila kanila ang kinabukasan ng bansa? Wala na bang respeto  madalas ang mga nagpapalis sa pwesto ?Halos hindi pa tapos ang  kanilang panunugkulan heto na ang pagkainip nila sa pagbabago.Sa Pilipinas pabor ako   sa mga taong nagsasabing bumaba ka na sa upuan  kung ang mga taong ito ay kagalang-galang ang pag-iisip at pamumuhay.


Continuation next time.. 

Life is not easy even if you take it easy .

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 Sa pagtira   ko sa napakagandang Japan  madami akong natuklasan  na masasabi kong hindi ko ito nakita sa pananginip   ko even in my   day dreamings.  Nuong hindi ko   pa  napupuntahan ang bansang Japan ,Amerika lang ang parang alam kong bansa . ,Sa first  day experienced   ,,wala pa ang awareness  Actually wala akong culture shocked  ..Basta    may nakita lalagpas lang ang tingin, kung may marinig ano yun?  kung may  makain o nakahain sa hapag  shocks or speechless.Naalala ko pa kahit nakapajama kami lumalabas kami  ng kalsada which is bad manner pala dito .Ganyan ako nuong unang salta sa bansang ito.Laging hilo sa pagod  at lahat ng place na mapuntahan hindi ko na maremember hanggang piliin kong manirahan dito,  hindi dahil sa pera o luhong  madaling matikman.Kundi dahil sa matiyaga kong asawa.Sa  takbo ng buhay ko una ilan sa kaibigan  ko ang sanay na sa buhay dito ang mahigpit na nagpayo  " dont trust kapwa Pilipina daw at  huwag na huwag makisama sa  in-laws. "Bakit kaya sabi ko kasi nga extrovert  naman ako paano ko kaya yun magagawa   ,naalalang  sinabi ko sa sarili ko  nuon.Nilibang ko nalang ang sarili ko sa  paggarden at pagtabas ng bermuda sa bakuran at sa walang sawang pasyal at pakikipagkita sa mga may asawang kaibigan since my young age na  mga   kababata ko . Then dumating ang panahon na  sadyang  may magiging  kaibigan kahit hindi hanapin sa  everday na  buhay  ko  . May   una akong nakilala   magandang bata pa na may  isang cute na anak  at iba pa sa isang class ng Japanese lesson  .Mga two years na ako dito   ,when I allowed myself to mingled with kapwa  Pilipina , hanggang dumami kami then   mga kababata kong   drive  a long hours  just to visit me  nakikilalala din nila.Masaya ang buhay  namin   parang nasa pinas kami.   Missed my barcada's  though  na mga may-asawa na sa pinas .  Pero dumarating talaga na kapag  malaki na mga anak  seryoso narin ang bawat isa  dahil narin sa lumalaki ang gastusin  at mga gawain walang katapusan sa loob at labas ng bahay. .Mas madalas  wala nang oras sa pakikipag-kapwa  work nalang  para sa maraming gusto  na  mabili o para maibsan ang boring days  ng walang anak na kabarkada dito..Magkakapera pa sabi nga nila.Iba naman may dreams  sa buhay ,well , nakapagpatayo naman sila ng dreamhouse  nila ,new car, o nakapag-paaral sa college.Nakakatuwa  may napuntahan ang pinagpaguran o pagsasakripisyong oras sa work and family.

    Hindi naman maikakaila  ito na  ang takdang ginusto  ng bawat isang nangibang bayan.To get the dreams  or to success in life   .Though  ,ang mag-adjust  sa  bawat  kulturang mararanasan  ay isang napakahirap  matutunan kung ipipilit ang sariling   pag-iisip . But I am sure to say  , kakaiba ang lifestyle ng bansang Hapon.Kung pumunta ka ditong easy easy  ,mga ilang taong pag-stay  isa ka na sa nagkukumahog sa mga pupuntahan( yougi) kahit may gawain ka pa sa loob ng bahay mo.,kahit mahilo-hilo ka pa at bitbit ,mo ang anak o mga tsikiting mo. Isa ka na rin sa magrereklamo  kung bakit  malamig ang pakikitungo dito ng mga tao kahit kababayan ka pa nila o  isa kang dayuhan walang pinipili talaga..Isa ka sa magsasabing hay! sarap umuwi kung may pera marelax man lang.Maging  sa isang misis na laging kinukuwestiyon  ang mala robot na pakikitungo ng maraming lalaking hapon..O istriktong pamamaraan sa buhay ng lalaki ,lalo kung kasama mo ang biyenan .Lucky are those  na kaya nila ang biyenan na sadyang malinis ang pakitungo sa dayuha.Ilan lang sila at pawala na ang mga ganyang matatanda .Nagpunta ako dito na may ugali din naman nilang istrikto .But once na matutunan ang pagiging organize  na itinuturo ng  bansang ito  nawawala ang" mamaya na habit" .Actually ,I am not obvious  in my attitude  maybe because  in the Philippines  there's no need to apply  ,bansang napakasarap tirhan kahit mahirap  ang buhay   .Wala na yata papantay  sa way ng pagppalaki ng ating bansa kahit  napaghuhulihan  parin sa original at sabi mahilig mang-gaya. Basta  life is easy or take it easy sabi nga sa atin..Japan is  a very organize country.Sa entrance palang ng house nila hindi pwedeng  hindi mo aayusin ang shoes even the slippers kung  lalabas  nang pinto.Grabe !!!as in grabe silang komakai  o organize .Same din sa buong pagkatao nila.Ito narin ang reason bakit  sa bansang ito effective ang salitang tahimik ay dangerous o mahinhin loob palang ng pamilya nila dami  bawal .Tumawa ka kaya ng malakas kundi batok ka o mura ang regalo mo.Sasabihin pa nakakaistorbo ka  in ang out of this house.Hindi mo pwedeng  ilabas ang true sa pagkatao mo.Kaya naman talagang  pasa-pasang lahi nila eh, sobrang maselan  imagine kahit  5 years old sabihan kang "huwag mo akong tatawagin lang sa apelyido ko dapat  buong pangalan ko  at kahit ang  alaga kong aso  ." laban ka diyan ......:D.Pero lumaki naman sa mababait na pamilya yung walang halong  kaplastikan ika nga super  ang bait naman  ng mga Hapon  .Maawain sila as in kahit langgam ayaw nilang patayin.

  Sa iba  naman  hindi mo sila (older people)   maasahan  o makitaan ng pagmamalasakit  sa ugaling walang galang , ang  maiisip mo pag nakita mo  kung paano ang kabataan makipag-usap sa matatanda sa kanila. O ,sobrang smart nga ba  ang ganitong  klase ng bata. Dito kahit kantiiin takot sila kahit konti baka kasi makasuhan.Pero pakinggan mo naman  puro  matunog na B***********  eh, very much welcome sa  any occasions.Sanay na sila kaya  ano nga ba ang sakit ng ulo ng society dito? siyempre ang  kibit balikat ng matatanda sa pagmumura sa kanila ng anak o apo, o ang pagtaas ng boses sa kanila  na parang sila ang unang ipinaganak sa mundo.Ang pagkaligaw ng maraming Kabataan dito  sa utos ng  leader sa school  man o labas, para magnakaw sa convienience store.kung hindi daw kasi susundin bullying ang mangyayari.O ang maagang pagtatabi   sa  lalakiat pang-aabort  na pinapayagan ng karamihan sa magulang dito.Kaya nga sa mga interview for the past years makikita ang lungkot sa hindi na pagkakaroon ng anak  ng karamihan sa dalagang nag-asawa na ,dahil sa manipis na ang bahay bata ,sa pagaabort  nuong sila pa ay  dalagita pa....Sino nga ba may kasalanan ang takot nila sa batas na huwag mag-anak ng marami o ang kawalan ng oras sa anak  o ang  kulturang  independent? kaya  pag may napapanood kami sa teevee  na may anak na 12 o 14  na!!!   God is good  sabi namin...Opps!!!!!!!  o ang mas mataas na priyoridad  na kanilang walang pagkilala sa  utos ng Diyos .sabi nga ni kura Paroko   ang mga Hapon kahit kristiyano na sila ay matigas parin sa kanilang nakagisnan kaya kayong mga Pilipino inpluensiyahan  ninyo sila.OO nga sabi namin kay father ..Ang mga Pilipino wala mang pera masaya Father  pero ang mga Hapon lagi nilang inuunahan ang future kaya pag sa tingin nila mawawalan na sila , walang  pahinga sila hanggang makuha nila ang  gusto nilang  makuha. But one thing is sure the Japanese are  good follower of  their leaders  at makikita na rin sa kanila ang Kulturang kinagisnan ay tapat nilang isinasabuhay dahil iyon lang   ang kanilang nalalaman  walang halo o mixed of other races  culture  .They have their  own originality ;The Linguitistic attitude.kaya naman matigas  ( katai)  sila  sa paninindigan .And one thing more  pag sila ay naging malalim sa pagiging Catholic Christian  you will feel blessed sa  kanilang pagsunod sa Diyos.  Makikita mo sa kanila ang sina-unang Pilipino.

   While  the good result of endeavour of our priest  to change   the Japanese country  in their spirituality  ,kasama narin ang ibang pinuno ng simbahan kristiyano.,May problem naman ang mga  isinilang sa bansang kristiyano na dumayo sa bansang Pagano.Magulong  samahan , umpukan ng grupo pag may pinag-kakaisahan,  Kinaiingitanng kapwa , Maraming umpukan gagawin kang pulutan kaysa pagusapan kung paano makakatulong o madalas talo ang may  mabuting intensyon dahil marami  ang negatibo o worst to say against  sa isang tao. .Then iba naman  nang-aagaw ng oras  sa asawa ng iba o hanggang kunin na sa totoong may-ari,pagkalimot sa itinuro ng ninuno  pagkalulong sa sugal at pangungutang ng walang plano,marami pa .Mas madalas kung sino pa ang praise ng praise  o prayer meeting ng prayer meeting sila pa ang pasimuno para mawala  ang pagtitimpi ng totoong naglilingkod at nag-aaral sa Totoong Faith .Socialan na nga lang ang makikita sa mga palasimba  o nasa  community  ?.?Ask mo ano ang   gospel kasi hindi ako nakasimba ...hindi maishare.Although  sa mga talagang simba lang at walang grupong sinasamahan makikita iyong humbleness na si Lord lang talaga ang kanilang sadya.  Marami na ngang Kristiyanong nakakalimot .Mas madalas pag nagsimba ang ilan sa Japanese mass  umiiyak sila dahil very solem ang simba ng mga Japanese.Very touching na hindi naman maunawaan pa ng ilang Hapon kung bakit  may umiiyak sa pagsisismba,sabi ko kasi our country    is a  Christian ,Since we  were born Christian  nararamdaman na namin ang kanyang Holy  Spirit.  makikita lang sa kanila ang pagtataka parin at reaction salita na honto ?aaaa.

 Maganda ng mundo kung maraming makikinig  dahil may pandinig, kung maraming  nakakakita dahil may mata, kung maraming  nakaka-unawa dahil may pang-unawa , kung marami ang magsasalita dahil may pusong nagsasabi o konsensya na sumisigaw kung papansinin ,Tiyak marami ang matutulungan  kahit walang pera  .Madalas  kahit makinig hindi man lang mabigyan ng time  angkapwa .Being a good listener  is a big help   .One  time  namimili ako sa supermarket may isang lola na kinuwentuhan niya  ako sa gitna ng  namimili isa siyang  staff ng supermarket na iyon ,sinabi niya sa malakas na boses huwag na huwag kang magtitiwala sa mga hapon na kababayan ko wala silang kuwenta ,wala silang kapwa tao, kahit  nahihirapan ang katabi nila  ,ang kapamilya nila , wala silang pakiramdam  .that time nakikita ko ang mga katabi kong nakikinig na galit ang mukha sa kanya at hindi umalis  sa tabi ko ang isang nasa 40  edad na housewife na galit sa kanyang sinasabi .Naipit ako sa dalawang  malaking bato ...wala akong ginawa kundi makinig at makinig kahit  may galit sa paligid .Then saka na ako nag excuse nuong nasabi na niya ang  gusto niyang sabihin .Sa totoo lang lahat ng sinabi niya ay true .Hinahangaan ko pa ang matanda  sa lakas ng loob niya na mag-salita .Malay natin  baka may nakaunawa  sa isa sa nakarinig at makapag-isip .Kaya  ,kahit makinig nalang  kung ang isang  nagsasalita ay matalino naman.Kung may naguguluhan tyak sa pakikinig sa tawag ng simbahan na mag-aral ang isang tao ,magiging daan ito para may maitulong ,magkakaroon ng tamang daan sa  isang naguguluhan o kaguluhan.Isa lang ang  hadlang  sa buhay ,na akin ding naranasan sa  buhay  na ipinagdasal ko  na ayoko nang maulit ....ay ang pagiging maingay ng  sariling gusto ko at sariling pagpapasya ng isip ko mga plano sa buhay na mas tinignan ko nuong nawalan ako nang  relasyon  sa Diyos. kaya wala akong saysay sa loob ng ilang taon .Kaya ano nga ba ang mas  gugustuhin  ng isang tao ang maingay na sarili  na halos lumiit na ang boses ng Diyos o o ang tahimik na sarili ? Kaya  Life is not easy talaga without the guidance ng Diyos  though God give us easy life but  often  it does not work  sa buhay natin.Why?   Because even if we take it easy God  want us to  be aware  in our sorroundings    na   pinaghaharian ng  kadiliman.Sabi nga sa kanta ng Church " Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang ".   ( Hitori de ikirarenai)Pinatutunayan  na kaya ginawa si Eba para kay  Adan  (otagani)  helping each other . At ang  pagbibigay ng karapatan to govern the natural resources  ang mundong tinitirhan  na ginawa ng Diyos para pakinabangan.Kaya naman tiis  ako sa pagrerecycle kahit  dagdag sa bitbitin papunta supermarket, sa lagayan ng nilinis  na styro at   ng petbottle  Ano man ang mangyari sa future  sa bawat isang nilalang , sa bawat kultura at batas na pina-iiral .Lalo na sa bali-balitang  magugunaw na ang mundo  .Hindi hahayaan ng Diyos na ang kanyang ginawang napakagandang mundo ay matatapos lamang sa kapabayaan nating mga tao.Kaya pansinin mo life is not easy kahit pa sabihing life is easy.Sa  kadahilan na mayroon tayong pakiramdam  na  hindi maitatatuwa  na tayo ang pinakamataas na nilalang ng Ama.Magmula sa puso nagmumula ang lahat kung saan sa sulok ng puso naroroon ang kunsensya na tumatapik  sa atin  .Sa hardened  spirit   matagal  bago maramdaman ang tapik..






Yaikks ...ang init talaga !

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Sa mga oras na ito eh hindi namin malamang mag-anak kung saan pupunta although kakasimba lang naming mag-ina .Walang magawa ,eh, wala namng makausap dahil lahat busy  mga amiga hanggang cellphone nalang buti  mura ang Softbank  kahit ilang oras mag chatting .  no problem huwag lang maubusan ng battery.Mag-ama ko kung hindi may hawak  na libro, watch t.v, pagnapagod  higa at idlip naman.

   Bakit nga ba  pag mainit  o summer na sa Japan sobrang nakakapanglata.( Darui ) Sabi eat mga may luyang sangkap at apple vinegar or maasim,pati  yelo laging ubos  sa fridge..  Lahat na yata  gagawin makaraos lang ang araw na sooobrang init.Sa Pilipinas mainit pero sabi nga ng ilang nakakauwi ng summer duon hindi  ganito sa atin.Iba ang init ng japan talaga ,masakit sa balat kaya yata daming product for UV.Marami na ngang tumatakas sa araw dito gabi na aalis para makaikot somewhere..Mga  patience days  just to apply the pampapaputi o pampakinis  ,nasasayang. Mahal ba nang beauty product...Iba naman hindi mo na mapagkamalang bata pa sa dami ng extra care  na  ginagamit para lang makalabas ng kalsada . nandiyang magsumbrero  at mag gloves hanggang balikat  may shades para huwag masira ang mata parang pupunta sa farm.Pero ito daw ang tama para sa skin care  kung like maglakad sa init ng araw.  Like sa Australia  meron silang mga product for the skin na ipapahid  before lalabas at  nakamahabang maggas pa sila pag lumabas.Uso narin ang Matsuri dito o Fiesta sa bawat places .Uso narin ang malamig na pinya, milon ,pakwan anything na pedeng ipalamig  at cucumber or tomato  sa eyes  para feeling fresh ang face..Ice cream naman kahit nagsnow  mabili.Huwag naring  magtaka kung wala nang  matiising mag-swin  lagi sa dagat  man o pool.unless kung may bubong like Hawaiin  Resort sa Fukushima.

   Hay.....Sobra init  ilang electric fan na naka-open  may aircon pa yan ha! Kami no aircon  gastos kasi luma na itong inuupahan namin at  like ni mister ng pinapawisan siya   chance daw pag summer ..Lagyan mo naman kurtina ng makapal  feel  nasa kuweba ka  walang makikita outside ..Sakal  ang pakiramdam.Pero sanayan lang daw sabi nga ng maraming hindi puwedeng walang aircon.Siyempre pagod ba sa  work iyan nalang ang pangpasaya while  nakarelax sa bed..Kaya ang batian ng mga hapon "Atsui ne " o mainit  ne.Sabi nga ngkapitbahay ko  sabi sa napanood niya  naku ang mundo daw ilang taon nalang kasi nga nasisira na ang ozone layer  , marami na nga raw  reason bakit mapapansin iba na ang panahon paibaiba na ang timpla ...Science talaga marunong pa sa Diyos ..Paano matatapos ang mundo   ? Puwede ba iyon?  

Let's talk with the cup of coffee or Tea?

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  Wala akong hilig talaga sa coffee  pero dahil ito lang ang nakalakihan  ko sa  bansang Pilipinas na pambungad sa  mesa everyday, umiinom din ako lagyan ko lang ng gatas na delata  taste good  with pandesal  o sinangag.Typical morning  ng mga tao sa atin. Nuong single palang ako  bukang bibig   ang "let's talk with the cup of coffee"  sa movie ,drama, especially sa magazines  like Woman, Women, Mods  and even Reader Digest lagi ko itong nababasa .Parang sosyal  sa pandinig...  Bakit nga ba ito ang unang naisip kong  Blog ? Actually  cocoa ang favorite ko   .   I realized   nowadays na I cannot live without a cup of coffee   or tea with milk ,...........since    when ko ba ito nagustuhan ?  Starting the time I indulged myself with many people here in Japan.First  natuto ako na maki-ride sa kumpulan sa mesa na may kape  taste good pala pag sinamahan  ng  fresh milk.    ang ayoko lang sobrang tamis ang timpla ng pinoy . Kakaiba sa mga Japanese   pure black coffee   ,no sugar  .First time kong natikman ang timpla ng japanese  leader  namin sa PTA   ,hindi ko malaman paano ko ito  lulunukin ..Then next  is may bisita  ako  haponesa  ganuon din black coffee    natake ko din. ,Masarap din pala ang caffein  maganda  din daw sa  kidney or sa mga middle ages , old people  for brain function  . Kaya naman sikat na sikat na Starbucks  ay  napakaraming  klase ng timpla  ng kape ,nasa maraming sulok na nga  iba't ibang bansa  ang kanilang Starbucks.Any enough  age to drink kape   gustong gusto  itong puntahan.

  Masarap  ang kape kun masarap ang kwentuhan o  nasa mood ka ng harap ng computer or tv,  reading something ,kahit nga walking  time ang  kasabayan ko naglalakad  may bitbit  na can of coffee .Pag wala we stopped at Macdo (nomihodai ;)    drink as long as you can  coffee   for only hacken .What about tea  ? actually kung hindi imported tea  ang nabibili ko o pasalubong ng panay lipad  kong kumare   hindi  tasty  sa akin.  Green tea nagsawa kasi me .But  be carefull  to much intake of caffeine is not god in the mental health.

   Midnight na  sa susunod   na may time  uli. Next time kayo naman..........:):):)